Community & Youth Programs

School Programs

The Juvenile Division of the Chicago Ridge Police Department takes a proactive role within the community to ensure that the youth of Chicago Ridge and its visitors remain safe within the community. Our close relationship with Chicago Ridge School District 127 1/2 allows us a platform for our school program that delivers key topics such as stranger danger, internet safety, bullying, train safety, peer pressure, firearms safety, drug and alcohol awareness, and bike safety to students in grades Pre-K to 8th grade. In addition, we work closely with Oak Lawn High School, and Richards High School to ensure that we reach all of the youth of Chicago Ridge. Beyond the classroom, we also participate in events like the Chicago Ridge PTA's March Madness, which gives us the opportunity to further engage the youth of Chicago Ridge in a positive manner.

Peer Jury Program

In cooperation with the Worth Township Youth Service Bureau, we provide an opportunity for first-time, non-violent juvenile offenders to attend the Peer Jury Program and it allows troubled juveniles to take responsibility for their actions and requires them to complete consequences like community service, in order to fulfill their court alternative requirements. Worth Township Youth Service Bureau also offers other programs like anger management, mediation, and counseling services that we utilize to provide the youth of Chicago Ridge with a full range of services for their individual needs.