Block Parties

The Village of Chicago Ridge does allow residents to hold block parties on their respective blocks. There are stipulations and requirements that must be met before the mayor and the Board of Trustees will approve a block party request.

Anyone interested in requesting approval to conduct a block party must comply with the following guidelines:
  • Prepare a petition that lists pertinent Block Party information, such as, location, date, times, activities, etc. Download the form.
  • Circulate the petition to all homeowners living on the block. Be sure to include the homeowners’ address next to their signatures. All homeowners must sign the petition.
  • After completing the required petition, submit the original to the village clerk. The village clerk will place your request for a block party on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled board meeting.
  • Once your block party has been approved, please contact the Public Works Department to confirm the placement of horses at each end of your block.
Please keep noise to a minimum and don’t forget about curfew.