Business Licensing

Businesses Requiring a Village License

Every business operating within the Village of Chicago Ridge is required to be licensed.
All businesses must be approved by the Village Board of Trustees prior to opening.
This includes temporary businesses, mall kiosks and carts, temporary or permanent mall displays, as well as all residential businesses or home occupations.

Business License Application Procedures

Business License Applications must be fully completed and submitted with payment to the Village Hall.
Payment is expected at the time of submittal. We do not except applications without payment.
Once submitted, the business will be scheduled to appear for approval at the next Village Board Meeting.
A representative from the business must present at the Board Meeting.
If the business is approved, the necessary inspections may be scheduled.
After the inspections have been completed, the business is allowed operate.


Business license fees are assessed upon submittal of the completed license application.
Fees vary greatly between businesses - most license fees are based on the square footage of the business.
For more detailed information regarding fees click here.


All businesses, including kiosks and carts, require an inspection before opening.
If your business is approved, please call the Village Hall at (708) 425-7700 to schedule an inspection. 
All businesses, except kiosks and carts (unless it is a permanent structure), require a Fire Inspection before opening.  Please call the Fire Department (708) 847-4454 to schedule an inspection. 
If you business is a restaurant, bar, bakery, or other miscellaneous food establishment, you will also need to contact the Health Dept (708) 425-7700 ext 109 to schedule the required Health Inspection.

​Fire Alarm Contractors

The Fire Department has provided a list of alarm contractors that have done work in the Village.  The Village of Chicago Ridge does not endorse nor promote a single fire alarm company and encourages building owners to acquire multiple quotes and contact the Chicago Ridge Fire Marshal with any questions or concerns.  Click here to download the list.