Solar Power in Illinois Resources

Solar in Illinois

Illinois residents are on board with increasing solar power usage to support clean energy sources. A 2015 poll showed that 66 percent of residents think that increased solar usage would add jobs to the state, and bills in the legislature are looking to lead the charge. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the state has already seen an increase in solar and expects that 25 percent of the state’s energy will come from renewable sources by 2025. Find out how moving to solar can save money and the environment.  Click here for more information.

Community Solar

Community solar programs are spreading throughout the United States. Fifteen states and counting have passed legislation to encourage their development and to connect multiple residential, commercial or industrial facilities to shared solar arrays. Instead of carrots, cabbage and other vegetables, users of these “solar gardens” share panels collecting light from the sun and generating electricity to power their laptops and lights. If you want to be part of the clean energy revolution, but aren’t in a place to commit to your own solar array, community solar might be just right for you and your neighbors.  Click here for more information.