Chicago Ridge Security Camera Program

The Chicago Ridge Police Department has created an opportunity for networking with the citizens and businesses in Chicago Ridge to assist in crime prevention and investigation.  We are asking our residents and business owners to register personal security camera information with the Chicago Ridge Police Department.

The registration process is quick and easy by answering a few questions about location of the resident or business, who to contact to request security footage, and how many cameras are present at the location.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Chicago Ridge Police Department asking for this information?

When a crime occurs, part of the police investigation involves canvasing for any security cameras in that area that may have captured the crime or be important to the investigation of the crime.  By having a complied database of your cameras registered already with the Chicago Ridge Police Department, it will save valuable time and resources when investigating a crime and identifying the offender.


Will the Chicago Ridge Police Department have access to my security cameras anytime they want to view them?

No.   If a crime occurs in your area, a Chicago Ridge Police Officer will contact you using the information you provided.   We will then inquire if anything was captured on your security cameras.  Arrangements with the resident or business owner could also be made to view/copy the security footage together.


Is the information I provide for registering my camera secure?

Yes.    The information you provide will be safe and secure.  Only members of the Chicago Ridge Police Department will have access to this information.


Do I have to register my security cameras with the Chicago Ridge Police Department?

Registering your secure cameras with the Chicago Ridge Police Department is completely voluntary.  By providing this information, you are simply making it quicker for the Chicago Ridge Police Department to contact you in the event a crime occurs near your residence/business that would be captured on your video surveillance.


If I register my security cameras and later wish to not have them registered, can I have my information removed?



We ask you to help us keep Chicago Ridge as safe as possible for all our residents and businesses.   Click on the link today and let’s start networking.


Chicago Ridge Security Camera Registration