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Business License Dept.

  1. Business Closing Notification

    The Village of Chicago Ridge needs to know if your business in our Village is closing. Please let us know by using this form .

IT Dept

  1. Under Construction

    This page is currently under construction, please check back soon.

Staff Email

  1. Building Department

    Contact the building department

  2. Code Enforcement

    Contact the code enforcement department

  3. FOIA

    To submit your request click here

  4. IT Department

    Did we miss something? If there is something you would like to see on our site please let us know.

  5. Public Works Department

    Contact the public works department

  1. Business License Department

    Contact the business license department

  2. Fire Department

    Contact the Fire Department

  3. Health Department

    Contact the health department

  4. Police Department

    Contact the Police Department

  5. Water Department

    Contact the water department

Trustee Email

  1. Trustee Davenport

    Contact Trustee Elaine Davenport

  2. Trustee Lind

    Contact Trustee Jack Lind

  3. Trustee Meslar

    Contact Trustee Roger Meslar

  4. Village Clerk Harrison

    Contact Village Clerk Barbara Harrison.

  1. Trustee Kowalski

    Contact Trustee Edmund Kowalski

  2. Trustee McFarland

    Contact Trustee William McFarland

  3. Trustee Siegel

    Contact Trustee Andrew Siegel